This is the personal website of Peter Weilbacher. Because I have registered the domain Weilbacher.org for me and my family, I have used this name in the site's design.

I have tried to write these pages using valid HTML 4.01 (Valid HTML 4.01!) in combination with CSS 2 (Valid CSS!), so they should display correctly at your end. We tested these pages with a current version of the Mozilla browser. If you find a problem with the HTML/CSS code please tell us. HTML-4.01 + CSS also requires you to use a current browser, old versions of Netscape (< 5.0) do not correctly implement CSS.

My sister has a small bed and breakfast in my hometown: Atempause in Holzminden. My brother Martin Weilbacher also keeps personal webpages.


26May2007 Moved to hosting at local hoster Variomedia. Finally no forwarding frames any more!

30Jun2005 Moved everything from the server in Durham to Potsdam.

Feb2005 Show the Thanks Poland banner on some pages every now and then, to make more people aware of the software patent danger in Europe.

03Oct2004 Finally got the style remembering routine corrected. It works with one Cookie, at least if Mozilla is not configured to be too secure.

02Oct2004 This was long overdue: split up the Mozilla pages and instead of listing them under Peter created a new top category.

14Nov2003 Deleted the timestamp JavaScript at the bottom of each page. The Webserver only gave the current date anyway. :-(

10Oct2003 Changed the menu design of the pages from paragraphs to link items. They now display nicer in non-CSS browsers and it's more logical anyway...

17Sep2003 Created a seperate Mozilla page for the details of my configuration. Changed some parts of the main mozilla page.

July 2003 Moved everything from the server in Göttingen to the server in Durham. Strangly, the CSS switching menu in Mozilla now works.

04Jun2003 I spent a night to create a second CSS style and adapt the switching script. Mozilla's normal switching menu works, too. There is of course the problem with the cookies and saving the layout...

15Feb2003 There were some very strange unanticipated issues with browsers other than Mozilla. Also added hidden text for non-CSS browsers at the top of each page.

15Jan2003 Completed the pages for the moment and transfered the content from my old personal pages.

11Jan2003 Corrected the HTML errors.

10Jan2003 Put up a test version which had many accidental HTML errors. The images are not linked correctly, or the redirection does not work for them?!?

06Jan2003 Finished the design (Mozilla's DOM Inspector proved very useful!) and filled some of the pages with content.

04Jan2003 Motivated by the redesign of Ulrich Möller's site and his explaining comments, I tried to dive deeper into CSS.

11May2002 After some dummy pages I took some time to create a "real" page with some kind of design using CSS. At least the main pages are there.