Mozilla's HeadMozilla

Mozilla is the internet suite of programs which was born from opening the source of the Netscape Communicator in 1998. In June 2002 it finally made it to the release of the 1.0 Milestone, which was also the base for the IBM Webbrowser 2.0 for OS/2, Netscape's Browsersuite Version 7.0, and several other browsers. The Mozilla Suite itself is being phased out, you should now be running one of the browsers based on the "Mozilla 1.8.0" platform, i.e. SeaMonkey 1.0.x or Firefox 1.5.0.x.Get SeaMonkey

I use the SeaMonkey suite (and try to support it further on OS/2), but rarely any of the other components besides the browser (Mail/News, IRC client "Chatzilla", the page composer). Get FirefoxIf you are still using an old version of Mozilla (<=1.7.x), Netscape, i.e. 4.x or even older, you should consider upgrading to a Mozilla based browser. (If you get melancholic after upgrading you can go to the Browser Emulator page and play with a demo of NCSA Mosaic.)

On my Mozilla pages, I mainly present my unofficial Mozilla builds (of SeaMonkey, Firefox, and Thunderbird). I also list the usual Mozilla links, and especially reasons for upgrading from old Netscape 4.x versions by describing Mozilla's features. Finally, there is a page with customization tips.