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New download location for unofficial "PmW" builds: I decided that the current cumbersome way to edit this page and use my institute's server for these purposes was no longer appropriate, so I moved my unofficial, enhanced Warpzilla builds to the Warpzilla Enhanced project on SourceForge. Go there for the new packages to download. The extensions that I compiled and links for the Calendars and Web-Editors based on Mozilla technology are still below.

NVU and KompoZer for OS/2

NVU and KompoZer are WYSIWYG webpage editors based on Mozilla technology. First, Daniel Glazman developed NVU for Linspire. NVU is not being developed any longer and it will take a while until being replaced with a new webpage composer. That is why recently Kaze has created the KompoZer project, that fixes lots of bugs in NVU. An OS/2 version of that is available here.

Calendars for OS/2

I have created the "official" OS/2 version of one of the two current Mozilla calendar projects, Sunbird. Sunbird was developed as a standalone successor to the Calendar extension. You can download the build from the Mozilla FTP Server:

Walter Meinl has created packages for the other calendar, Lightning, which is an extension package for Thunderbird:

Other Extensions for OS/2

Because printing does not reliably work on OS/2 trunk builds yet, I adapted Stuart Parmenter's PrintPDF extension. After installing, it will display an extra menu item in the Firefox File menu that allows to print to a PDF file.

I compiled David Baron's Leak Monitor Firefox extension for OS/2. It is mainly useful for extension developers but may also be useful to find memory leaks of the JavaScript code in the "chrome" of various Mozilla apps, and will only work for Firefox 3.0pre trunk builds. Normal end users should not install it, I'm not even sure that it works the way it is supposed to!