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This page is mainly dealing with customization issues.

Customizing Links

Before customizing Mozilla you should look read a few pages with tips regarding Mozilla:

My customized Mozilla

I changed some parts of my Mozilla, especially by installing my favorite theme called Skypilot. I now don't have any extensions installed by default, the ones I used previously either slowed down the browser noticeably and created problems or were just unused most of the time. I have "fixed" some preferences by adding them to my user.js:

You could also use e.g. user_pref("browser.bookmarks.file", "D:\\some\\path\\bookmark.html") to have your bookmarks somewhere else. My userContent.css looks like this:

I finally found something useful to do with the userChrome.css. I now use it to hide several menu options which are there twice or which I never use and always clicked on in the wrong moment: