I have been system manager in the Universitäts-Sternwarte Göttingen for several years and have acquired quite some experience with different Linux distributions and versions, running on very different hardware. With the task of administration I have worked with the Linux Kernel and several journaling filesystems, most notably the JFS filesystem. I have also tried out the PARISC port of Linux and used cfengine to ease the administration tasks. I have also learned to setup different kinds of servers, among them the Apache HTTP server and the exim SMTP server, which is far easier to administrate than sendmail, is fast and has lots of features.

GNOME FootAfter trying out the KDE desktop I found it slow and too Windows-like, so I changed to GNOME even before the first stable version. Some of my colleagues in the observatory liked it, too. Apart from their not-so-nice homepage they also have a news- and community site called FootNotes.

On my home computer Linux didn't want to run any more, perhaps it didn't like the old IDE cables at my harddisks, who knows... Anyway, if I need it I can still start it in the form of the distribution KNOPPIX which can conveniently be started just from CD without installation on the harddisk. In the meantime, eComStation does everything for me nicely.