Model Ships

I like ships. Perhaps because my father is from the city of Bremen which used to have a large and busy port and I have visited Bremen quite often when I was a child.

That's why I started building model ships. I especially like those which have a lot of functions you can control with a remote. As the models kits were expensive even in the 1980s when I started with them, I got my grand parents and especially my father interested in this hobby. This helped a lot to get the necessary funds.

I am also a great fan of the German lifeboat organization Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger" (DGzRS). That's why two and a half of my models are "Seenotrettungskreuzer" (the German term for a larger lifeboat). Another website on this topic is the Sea Rescue page, also listing organizations around the world.

First, I started with a small and simple tug boat called Neptun in the scale 1:50.

Next, I was more successful in assembling the Seenotrettungskreuzer Paul Denker. It has a larger scale of 1:20 and so I even put the Vormann (German term for the captain of lifeboats) onto the open bridge. I did not completely follow the original because I wanted more functions, and added an ugly water cannon.

Finally, I got the kit that I really wanted from the beginning: The large Seenotrettungskreuzer Hermann Helms (same class as the "Berlin") which even has a small secondary boat called Biene. This has a scale of 1:25 and lots of functions: you can control the direction of the two water cannons, put the small boat (which by itself is fully steerable!) into the water and lift it back up. When it is getting dark at the lake you can even have fun switching different categories of lighting on and off.

You can see all these boats in action in the famous "Bootsbauenfahrenbildergalerie".