Personal page of Peter Weilbacher

I have many personal interests most of which I do not have time to pursue. In fact, I spend lots of spare time at my old computer reading emails, newsgroups, and webpages. But I also have other hobbies:

For some of these and the computer stuff see the menu for links to dedicated pages.

I like reading (not sure if you can really call is reading...) Comics, especially those from Europe/Belgium:

Unfortunately, my French is not the best and I therefore read the German version. But the German publisher of the last three comic series (Carlsen) has strongly raised the prices of the "books" in the last years, so that you really have to think about it before buying them. Also, they have forbidden me to show even a few pictures of my favorite Gaston on my pages!

I work as astronomer at the Astrophysical Institute Potsdam. Here is the link to my professional website.