I like to watch good movies in the cinema or the older ones at home on TV. That's why I got interested in a list of good movies.

Must See Movies List — the Original

In 1996 I discovered a list of movies on the internet, which you were supposed to have seen. David Friedman had compiled it originally for the USENET. It's a pity that this page vanished shortly afterwards and never showed up again (although lots of people still seem to have it bookmarked, just search for "MUST-SEE MOVIES Checklist" in some search-engine...). That's why I decided to publish the list again myself. In the meantime David has contacted me, and as the list does not fit his new webpages, he is happy that someone else still kept his old listing.

Important: The buttons and links do no longer work, and I do not plan to change that! Therefore, please do not link to the list directly.

Must See Movies List — the new version

On the original list there were too many movies listed which I just find bad, but the idea itself is nice. So I created my own list, using the original one as base. I only list those movies which I myself regard as must-see or for which others can convince me. That does not mean that I have to like the film! (I find e.g. Star Wars to be fairly bad and don't like Alien, either.)

While I add films to the list every now and then, I will try to keep the number below 200. I also added a rate, at least for the movies I have seen myself. The linked titles point to the UK-Server of the IMDb (The Internet MovieDatabase). Using the information there you can control if you already know that movie.

TV series

I also like watching some series on TV, especially good Science Fiction and of course Star Trek but also well written crime stories.

Also they are not strictly a series, I like the German "Tatort" movies very much. While the older ones (before 1990 or so) are often a bit boring, the newer ones can be really exciting at times and a few show extremely good direction and acting. Commentaries and an archive of all Tatort movies can be found at Tatort Fundus.

Star TrekThe Next Generation is my favorite, and despite a few very bad episodes this is regarded as one of the best SF series ever, not only by me. Unfortunately, only of the TNG movies, First Contact, could somewhat follow in this regard.

Of the other Star Trek series one of course has to mention The Old Series with Kirk, Spock, and Bones. With today's eyes it is sometimes a bit funny, but it is just a classic!
Deep Space Nine was a bit dark at times, although it had a few extremely good episodes. Voyager was just plain stupid and the captain even said "Well done, Mr. Kim!" if Harry only pressed the right button, and I don't know yet, what to make of Enterprise. Two nice pages about Star Trek are Star Trek - Inconstruction and the Star Trek Nexus.

Another great SF series was Earth 2. (Perhaps even better than TNG?) Unfortunately it was ended long ago and only lasted one year. It was rumored that the studio found it too "demanding" for the viewers and killed it! (The webpages have disappeared in the meantime, too.)

The speciality of Babylon 5 was that the whole series of 5 years was planned ahead as a large "arc". For me some of the actors were a bit static and had no charisma, but some of the central stories were overwhelming. And it (still!) has one of the best websites devoted to a series, a database with details about every episode and comments from JMS, the series' creator.

For me, the best current science fiction series is Stargate SG-1, although with the background of Bush Junior's politics the domination of the US led stargate explorations sometimes have a bit of a bitter taste and sometimes show unintentional comical aspects. Well, perhaps it was not so good any more, after Daniel returned...