I like to watch good movies in the cinema or the older ones at home on TV. That's why I got interested in a list of good movies.

Must See Movies List — the Original

In 1996 I discovered a list of movies on the internet, which you were supposed to have seen. David Friedman had compiled it originally for the USENET. It's a pity that this page vanished shortly afterwards and never showed up again (although lots of people still seem to have it bookmarked, just search for "MUST-SEE MOVIES Checklist" in some search-engine...). That's why I decided to publish the list again myself. In the meantime David has contacted me, and as the list does not fit his new webpages, he is happy that someone else still kept his old listing.

Important: The buttons and links do no longer work, and I do not plan to change that! Therefore, please do not link to the list directly.

Must See Movies List — a newer version

On the original list there were too many movies listed which I just find bad, but the idea itself is nice. So I created my own list, using the original one as base.

While I add films to the list every now and then, I will try to keep the number below 200. I also added a rate, at least for the movies I have seen myself. The linked titles point to the UK-Server of the IMDb (The Internet MovieDatabase). Using the information there you can check if you already know that movie.